Born and raised in the capital of Norway, Oslo. Currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden. Entrepreneur since January 2017. Experienced the one and only Tony Robbins live. A real football geek.
As a kid I grew up 15 minutes outside of the city. In an area which had everything from shopping mall, subway, a lot of football pitches, golf court and the nature all within walking distance. This is where my love for football started with a pitch of gravel just outside our apartment. Besides the football, gaming started to become a real big thing so growing up was for the most of the time only about having fun. Nothing serious, nothing to worry about. Just like they say in the legendary kids’ movie "The Lion King" Hakuna Matata!

All fun and no worries, that's how you would've life to be all about right. Unfortunately, it's not how it turns out to be. Instead, you'll have worries, insecurities and you will spend most of your time on things you don't enjoy and you are "trapped" within a system that doesn't allow you to do what you want with whom you want and when you want. This is what I got sick and tired off already in secondary school.


This is but a few things that I work with

Affiliate Marketing

By helping to promote our marketplace you will earn a commission for every customer you recommend and turns into a sale. This will now be your customer and you will receive commission every time this customer shops at the marketplace.

Sales & Marketing

Help locals get global with sales through our own marketplace which provides customers with multiple benefits at every purchase. International warehouses to make the logistics and transport fast and simple for you.

Loyalty Program

Will help your SME to become an access point for tens of millions of customers worldwide and/or even register your own customers whom you can benefit from. 100% cost effective marketing tool. No Cure, No Pay!


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